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University of Florida Virtual Creative Arts Academy

Make something cool today!

The Virtual Creative Academy is a program that will engage you in creative making experiences.  You will use your computer, cell phone or mobile device, and your creativity to take on a series of virtual challenges using materials that you have at home or can easily access.  The challenge sequences will help you develop skills in computer programming, graphic design, video and photo editing, and creative writing.  The theme for this set of challenges is “going viral.”  Your ultimate goal is to create a positive viral video.


You can navigate the challenges at your own pace. You can choose which ones you want to try, where you will begin, and how far you will go with each challenge you attempt.  You can also decide when you have completed a challenge or challenge level.  


Each challenge will define a goal that needs to be reached.  You will upload a link, a photo or a video to show they you have completed a level, and this will unlock the next level of the challenge or give you access to a new challenge.


This site provides information to help you develop skills you will need to complete each challenge.  Click on the                buttons for short video tutorials and other useful information. You will also receive face-to-face support through our virtual meetups, where we will share our progress, ask questions, collaborate and get feedback from others.


You will be expected to work a little everyday.  Have fun, be creative, and work hard. At the end of the program, everyone will share at least one project they are working on at our virtual showcase.


Ready to get started?  

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Can you create a viral video?

Use video, photographs, music, poetry, or art to create and edit an animated video with a positive message.  How many likes will your video get?

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