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Use iMovie or DaVinci Resolve to add filters and special effects to your positive message video! 

To Complete this Challenge:

Import your video or images into the timeline of your video editing program, select and add filters from the library to your video's timeline, add special effects, then render your video.   

Add filters​

  • Go to the HBVCA Image Library

  • Select some images you want to add to you video

  • (Or you can create your own with a photo editing program like photoshop.  Save as a .png file to make sure they have a transparent background.)  

  • Import the images into your project.

  • Drag into your video's timeline

Add Special Effects

  • Add Titles

  • Add sounds, sound effects

  • Create an intro or an outro


  Import your video or pictures  

    Spice it up   


Upload your finished video to Vimeo

and click on

Mark as Done

If you're using iMovie                      If you're using DaVinci Resolve

  1. Open your video editing program and start a new project.

  2. Look for "Import File" or "Import Media" in your file menu.

  3. Select the files you want to add to your project.

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You will need some Movie Making program or app. 

If you don't have access to iMovie, go to 

and download DaVinci Resolve16.