Capturing Your Sound

Different regions have different sounds.

In the beginning, hip hop music and dance had a different feel in different parts of the country. This is still true to a certain extent today, even though the internet has given the world access to musical and dance styles that could once only be discovered by traveling to a place. Different regions still have different styles. 

Listen to some of the examples below.

Baltimore                                                                         Detroit                                                                                     Atlanta
DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)                                          Chicago

A music blogger described Chicago's soundscape like this: 


"A city marred by narratives of crime, segregation, inequality, out-of-touch leadership, and budget problems, Chicago is also teeming with upcoming artists and musicians who bring poignant knowledge and voice to issues that are shown as only one-sided by the media." 


"The artistic community in Chicago is strong and all-inclusive, with myriad sounds and mediums bleeding into one another. The sound of Chicago hip-hop is most often characterized by jazz- and soul-based sampling, paired with 'socially-conscious' lyricism. Beats and instrumentals are often funky and synth driven." 

How do we think about our sound?

Pull out some key words from your narrative that characterize life for you today in Gary/Northwest Indiana. Collect sounds that represent who you are and where you are from.

Collecting Sound Effects in BandLab
  1. Open "Sample Sounds" (there should be one sample sound effect already)

  2. If you hit the Play button (triangle button) you can hear it. Make sure your computer volume is up.

  3. Now MUTE that track by hitting the M to the left of the picture of the microphone

  4. To add a new track, Click on "Add Track" in the upper left hand corner

  5. Choose the "Voice/Mic" Option

  6. When you're ready, hit the red circle at the top to Record your new sound

  7. Each time you get ready to add a new sound, you have to mute the track you just created