Some helpful hints for Working with Scratch

  • Opening and Saving a Project

  • Dragging and Dropping Program Codes ​

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Go to and sign in  

For help getting started with scratch, watch this video 

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Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.41.00

Use scratch to create and animate your very own avatar! 

To Complete this Challenge:

Take a series of photographs of yourself, take the background out of each image, then program the images to "move" using the scratch programming interface.  


Click on this link to open a practice project in scratch, then follow the Instructions in the box.

  • See what happens when you press the green flag

  • Click on the COSTUMES tab and Add moves to your sprite's dance by changing his COSTUMES 

  • Change the BACKGROUND to something else

  • Add SOUNDS to your program

  • Play around and see what other things you can do!


  Play around in scratch  

  You will create a sprite of yourself.