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What will you do next?

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To Create Your Avatar:

Take a series of photographs of yourself, take the background out of each image, then program the images to "move" using the scratch programming interface.  

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Use scratch to create and animate your very own avatar! 

  1. Figure out what pictures you need to take to make it look like you are performing an action or a dance.

  2. Take a series of photographs (6-8 pictures) of yourself against a plain background that when put together, make it look like you are moving. 

(Helpful Hint: Don't wear colors that match the background.  When professional photographers take these kinds of pictures, they usually use a green screen)

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  Take pictures that represent motion  
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 Remove background from each image  

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  1. Download the Magic Eraser Background Editor App on your device.

  2. Import your photos into the Magic Eraser app 

  3. Use your finger or a stylus to remove the background from each image.

  4. Save the photos in your Google Drive folder.

1. Once you've logged into scratch, click on CREATE to start a

    new project.

2.  Now, you will need to make yourself a Sprite in scratch.

     Click on the COSTUMES tab and Upload your photos (with 

     backgrounds removed) into scratch as Sprites.


3.  Click on the CODES tab and choose an EVENT to start your

     Sprites action.  


4.  Once you have chosen a way to make your action start, go to

     LOOKS and choose the "switch costumes" block.  

     Use multiple "switch costumes" blocks to make your sprite

     change to multiple different shapes.  You will need to put use a

     "wait" block (found in CONTROLS) so the costumes switch one

     at a time. 


5.  Adjust the order of the photos and a length of time for each to

     make it look like you are moving.  


6.  If you want, you can also play around with different

     backgrounds and add background music or sound effects. 


7.  Make sure to Save your Project.


Log into scratch.mit.edu   

(for a scratch refresher, watch this video) 

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