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To Create Your Stop Motion Video:

Take a series of photographs, then order the images so that they look like objects in motion using the Stop Motion Studio App.  

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Use Stop Motion Studio to create and animate your very own stop motion video! 

  1. Take a series of photographs (15-25 pictures) of yourself or of an object that you want to animate.  Take one picture for part of the action sequence you want to show.  Once you have taken enough pictures, you can delete the one you don't want to use.

  2. Play around with the timing of the video by adjusting the number of frames per second. 

  3. Now add some effects.  Change the background, add filters, and adjust the playback so you video will loop or pause at the end of playback.  You can click on the pictures in the frames at the bottom of the screen to edit each individual image.  Try drawing on an image.

  4. Click on the microphone to add music or sound effects to your video. 

    Now, save your Project.

  Download and open the Stop Motion Studio App  
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For a quick refresher on Stop Motion Studio, watch this video

Upload your finished video to Vimeo

and click on

Mark as Done

Find or set up a place to take your pictures and decide what pictures you need to take to make it look like you are performing an action or a dance.


(Helpful Hint: Make sure that when put the pictures together in order, it looks like you or your object is moving.) 

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  Take pictures that represent motion  
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